Blackpool Illuminations Mini Run 2005 - 15th October

THANK YOU!! - WE RAISED £1085.78

Thank you to everybody who came and took part, and thanks to all the people who gave up there time to help set up the run.

SORRY first of all for us running out of plaques and for running out of bags. 150+ Minis turned out which was a fantastic result all who contributed to the brilliant total above.

Some people got lost some people stayed together and some Minis just gave up with the Blackpool Traffic, but either way 3 or 4 convoys managed to get through, certainly causing havoc on the way!

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Blackpool Tourism have offered to pay the Police fees (which are in excess of £1000) for a police escort if we decide to run the event next year however in order to make this decision we would welcome your comments/ideas via email at;

Thanks Once Again for Your Support.

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